Friday, February 14, 2014

Historic Wintersburg: The Book

ANNOUNCEMENT!  Historic Wintersburg in Huntington Beach, THE BOOK, is now available for pre-order from History Press,

From History Press:
   Wintersburg Village’s unique history is representative of the Japanese pioneer experience on the West Coast. Japan’s post-Meiji period ended the feudal system, creating in the late 1800s social changes that prompted Japanese immigration to America. Many who settled in the Wintersburg countryside were of samurai ancestry, bringing an enterprising spirit to Orange County’s businesses and farms. 

   The village’s history encompasses early aviation, archaeological discoveries, the county’s oldest Japanese church, goldfish farming and overcoming discrimination to achieve civil liberties. Forcibly evacuated and confined during World War II, Japanese pioneers left an indelible mark on Southern California. 

   Absorbed by the City of Huntington Beach, Wintersburg remains mostly a memory. Join historian Mary F. Adams Urashima as she resurrects a vanishing chapter of Orange County.

   The effort to uncover the unique history of Wintersburg Village and Orange County's pioneer Japanese community continues!  As more information and history is found, those stories will be told on the Historic Wintersburg blog.

   Announcements will be posted here for book talks and book signings.  Thank you, wonderful readers, for your continued interest and support for the preservation of this unique history!

BOOK SIGNING: 2 P.M., SUNDAY, MARCH 9, BARNES & NOBLE BOOKSELLERS, 7881 Edinger Ave #110, Off the 405 Freeway near Beach Boulevard and Edinger Avenue in the Bella Terra.


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