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This Friday! Holidays in Huntington Beach 1916

   Join Historic Wintersburg and the Huntington Beach Historical Society on Friday, December 2, 6 pm - 9 pm, for the third annual Holidays in Huntington Beach!  Each year, we roll the clock back 100 years and this year it is 1916.

   Nancy Hayata, Classical Japanese Dance, will perform at 7 pm.  We expect Santa to arrive at 7:30 pm.  Inside the Newland House, there will be live piano all evening.

RIGHT: Nancy Hayata, Classical Japanese Dance, performed at the annual Huntington Beach Cherry Blossom Festival and is a favorite performer throughout California and Hawaii.  (Photo by Emil Francisco)  © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

   The Tashima Market will be up on the front lawn of the Newland House, a representation of a thriving business that was in Wintersburg Village in the early 1900s.  

   Photographs of the Tashima Market and the Tashima family will be on the wall of the Market, along with other history from 1916.  Read a little about their history at
LEFT: California women had gained the right to vote in 1911.  In 1916, envoys were sent across the country via train, the "Suffrage Special", to garner support for national suffrage.  The Congressional Union had opened a booth at the Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco in 1915 and organized the first Women Voters Convention. In 1916, the National Women's Party was formed.  Suffrage efforts continued past the presidential election until women gained the vote nationally in 1920. (Photo, M. Urashima, 2016) © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

   What was happening in 1916?

   The Supreme Court upheld the national income taxPancho Villa was bringing the Mexican Revolution across the border into the United States prompting response by the U.S. 13th Cavalry Regiment. The United States occupied the Dominican Republic and continued to occupy Haiti.  There were conflicts around the globe, in Europe, the Middle East and Mexico, leading to the eventual entry into World War I by the United States in 1917.

RIGHT: A page from a 1916 edition of the Santa Ana Register, today's Orange County Register, mentions the celery production in Wintersburg Village, credited to the Japanese Celery Association.  The Wintersburg M.E. Church is mentioned, which is today's Warner Baptist Church at the corner of Warner Avenue and Gothard Street.  The news from Wintersburg also mentions Ocean View grammar school sports and a horseshoe tournament "near the blacksmith shop".  The blacksmith shop was near the Tashima Market on Warner Road, next to the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks, on the site of what is today the tin building for an automotive repair shop. (Santa Ana Register, January 6, 1916)

   President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill incorporating the Boy Scouts of America. Pacific Aero Products is incorporated in Seattle, Washington (later to become the Boeing Company). The National Park Service was created.  The United States passed the Philippine Autonomy Act.  The cost of living was a major topic. Women's suffrage swept the nation as the presidential election campaign led to the re-election of Woodrow Wilson.  

   Residents of Wintersburg Village and the Huntington Beach Township would put aside their cares to gather with friends in the peatlands and celebrate their shared community events and holidays.  Join us this week as we return to the community holiday celebration of 1916.

LEFT:  A few scenes from last year's Holidays in Huntington Beach, with Huntington Beach Historical Society president Darrell Rivers (in top hat) with Historic Wintersburg Preservation Task Force member Dennis Masuda, bottom left.  The Tashima Market will be up again on the front lawn of the Newland House Museum.  There will be a few "modern" concessions, such as our social media holiday frame for your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter photographs!  (Photo collage, M. Urashima, 2015)
   We'll have some news from the Santa Ana Register, historical photographs and advertisements from 1916 up on the wall of the Tashima Market and adjacent tents.  Visit with the pioneers of Wintersburg Village (our wonderful Historic Wintersburg Preservation Task Force members).

   Make sure you walk into the Tashima Market to purchase a raffle ticket for a variety of gift baskets, add to your collection of vintage produce crate labels (a few of what will be in the Market shown below), and bags of pine cones from the century-old Furuta farm at Historic Wintersburg.  All proceeds go to the Historic Wintersburg preservation fund.  See you in 1916!

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