Thursday, March 17, 2022

Support and solidarity: Voices that must be heard

   This Saturday's rally and press conference is organized by the Japanese American & Asian American community in support of and in solidarity with the effort to save and preserve Historic Wintersburg.

   We are deeply moved by the support.

   There has been an alarming increase nationwide in hate incidents and attacks against Asian Americans, an 1800% increase in hate incidents motivated by anti-Asian hate reported at the end of 2021 by Orange County Human Relations.

   There also has been an increase nationwide in vandalism and arson at Asian American places of worship over the past two years, including six Buddhist temples in Orange County. The Wintersburg Japanese Mission was founded in 1904 by both Buddhists and Christians. Acts of hate, vandalism, negligence, and destruction touch us all.

   More are signing on every day from around the United States to add their name.

   Elders will be participating in this peaceful gathering.  ️

   It is important these voices be heard.

   Thank you to all who are organizing and participating this Saturday. Our deep gratitude for your support and our solidarity with the larger message about the harm and pain caused by hate. We stand together. ❤️

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