Sunday, November 19, 2017

Preserve OC Wants to Save Orange County's vanishing landmarks: Historic Wintersburg

ABOVE: The 1912 Furuta bungalow at Historic Wintersburg, one of six extant structures that have survived the past century on the former goldfish and flower farm, also home to the Wintersburg Japanese Mission.  The six structures on the four and a half acre farm include: the 1912 Furuta bungalow, the Furuta barn (circa 1908 - 1912), the 1947 post-WWII Furuta house, the 1910 Wintersburg Japanese Mission, the 1910 manse (parsonage), and the 1934 Great Depression-era Wintersburg Japanese Church. (Photo, M. Urashima, 2016) © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

   "They stand as windows to the past, reminding us of our triumphs and warning of our trespasses." 
                  Historic Preservation Group Wants to Save Orange County Landmarks, Los Angeles Times, November 16, 2017

   Read the feature in the Los Angeles Times about the urgent effort to save Orange County's disappearing history. Among the significant, endangered historic places on the list for nonprofit Preserve Orange County: the National Treasure Historic Wintersburg.

   "Though their histories hold important dictums for society, their walls can be under siege in a region defined by unyielding development. But a new organization, Preserve Orange County, hopes to combat the industrial colossus from devouring history."

   Read the Los Angeles Times feature by Ben Brazil:

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  1. I found you on Twitter, and I didn't know any of this. My mother in law was Japanese but she immigrated in the 60s. This is very cool, I'm going to take my son around and show him these sites.

    1. Glad you found us! Please bring your family to our event this Friday, Dec. 1, where we share more history your son might like. More info on this post:

  2. Since I reside in Huntington Beach from 1985. I did not knowing of this existing. Evert time I drove by that Rainbow church at corner of Warner. I was wonder of it. Now I know. I am going to event tomorrow. Glad to found our elders history in HB.

    1. Glad you'll be joining us at Holidays in Huntington Beach 1917! We're hopeful you will be able to walk Historic Wintersburg one day in the future.


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